Casper, Wyoming: Nic Fest 2018

I have recently returned from a pretty exciting trip to Wyoming. I was part of the Nicolayson Art Museum's annual art festival Nic Fest. It was a fun event.

I was a little uncomfortable at first. We were in a huge tent, so I didn't have the comfort of my own canopy over my head. Also my booth was set up to enter from both sides! The wind blows all the time in Casper so to protect their artists we were in the the tents.

Mom and Dad cam a long to help me! They were great help, except when dad spilled shaved ice all over......

The one of the best parts of Nic Fest was I actually made a little money! I felt good that my art is appreciated and it does have an audience!

I also made new friends! Flagship Romance is a great Alt-Folk band! Jordyn and Shawn had a booth next to me! They were the sweetest! You should check out their music!

I also met a new truck! This Old International Harvester has a new life as an ice cream truck!

I saw some old friends!

But the best part of Nic Fest was getting there and back home!

I went to visit my favorite barn

She is getting a little more saggy.....

I also found a new friend to visit:

The drive between Riverton and Casper proved to be interesting as well!

I might have found my new truck!

We watched the thunderheads move across the plains:

and over an abandoned farm

The sunset in Casper was lovely!

We saw a Mother Pronghorn with two babies! (only one is in the photo....)

All in all it was a pretty good adventure. I will return to Nic Fest next year!

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