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Jessie Does Something Else

This week did not contain much in the way of photographic adventures, (there is a two part Behind the Photos coming soon) but that is not to say I didn't do anything creative.

Recently, I have been branching out and trying to so some mixed media work, that I show to people and put in galleries. I am feeling WAY out of my comfort zone. Me not using my camera feels weird but it is also giving me a chance to hone my composition skills and color theory. I watched a video that says photographers should take classes in other mediums to help them understand art principles in a different way. I am not taking a class right now, just exploring on my own.

Eyeball monster squeezing a human heart.

The Critic is the current piece I have out in the community. I made him for the "Monster Poster Show" put on by the Swell Artists Collective.

Keeping within my love of ripping and/or cutting paper into tiny bits and then gluing it back together again, I created The Critic. He basically strangles your heart and makes you stop doing what you love. It was the scariest thing I could come up with.

I should have taken photos of my whole process but you get to see the last two steps.

ThThe original is 12 in x 9 in. I used the book Wellspring of Chaos by L.E. Modisette for most of the words. The tiny ones around his eye are from a credit card offer. I used acrylic paint for the background and the heart. The shading is done with a grey watercolor marker

The night the show opened was much harder than I thought it would be. I usually get excited and proud when I have a photograph in a show. The Monster Poster Show filled me with more self-doubt and trepidation then I have experienced in my whole life. I had two drinks (buy one get one happy hour) and it still didn't take the edge off.

I am very glad Joel was there to cheer me on because I might have gone home and not seen all the great art that the Swell Community produced.

The show was split between two venues. Joel and I went to the half of the show that was at Evermore Printing. I became more nervous and self-conscious of my art as I looked at the other posters. Why of earth had I done this?? These people are painters, and drawers, and designers.... I'm not one of them....

I felt pretty low as we walked to Swell to see my piece. Joel was cheerleading me the whole way.

There it was, on the wall, the giant 18 in x 24 in Critic. My fear melted. It looked pretty cool blown up. It looked like it belonged. It didn't look like some one who has no idea what they are doing made it. I was pretty proud. (If you want a copy let me know, I will sell you one for $10)

I am feeling emboldened to keep creating art that push my personal boundaries.

Next up: a piece for the Thrift Shop show. I bought piece of art from a thrift store and will make it new again.

I guess I will see what I can do with this.......

I will, of course, have help from my personal furry critic.

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