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The Story Behind the Photos: The Short Tale of The Green Machine and Our Lady of Rust.

The beginning of March seemed just as grey as February. My eagle-eyed adventure buddy, Autumn, let me know she had spotted some excellent subjects for our next photo shoot. I jumped in my Honda and went to pick her up!

We traipsed through the back allies of Boise making our way to the the first find on the menu: The Green Machine.

Alone and forgotten in the backyard, this old GMC sat forlornly guarding the ally. The rust and lichen a testament to his steadfast nature.

It was rather difficult to photograph The Green Machine. The chain link fence was about 6 feet tall, much tall than we thought it needed to be. But being creative types, Autumn and I carried on with our portraits.

The Green Machine did have friend once, but some willful human cut down his friends, now all he has are the stubs of that friendship.

Just up the ally from the Green Machine, sat a patient beauty; was the Green Machine her vanguard?

Our Lady of Rust watches over a small parking lot. She is quiet and unassuming but, her beauty is beyond compare.

Amidst her painted chrome and rusted patina sat eyes that shined so bright, they almost didn't belong.

She was soft and demure, but proud of who she was.

But she showed scars of having a hard life too.