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Into the 21st Century!

I have finally decided to take the plunge into more social media and online selling! This has probably taken so long because I have an irrational fear that I might not actually be good at what I do, even though all signs point to yes, am I pretty good.

If you are looking to buy canvas prints or photographic prints, I have a selection of prints on Esty!

Esty page!

I have also joined Twitter. I know this is a little crazy but it might be fun. We will see how it goes! If you want to follow me my handle is @jessieswimeley. Easy right.... not really my last name is crazy..... S-W-I-M-E-L-E-Y, one of the Es is usually left out of you can't find me. It would be cool if someone followed me because as of right now, I have no followers. (I did just make the account though, fingers crossed someone wants to know what I am up to.)


Inky and I will still regularly post on Instagram. It is my favorite social media, you should follow me there if you don't already!

I am getting ready for a trip to San Antonio, Texas. Interesting times will be had, and interesting photos posted.

#newstuff #etsy #artforsale #twitter

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