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Silverton Fine Art Festival... and the 2017 Eclipse

I was a vendor at an art fair for the very first time on August 19th and 20th. After months of planning and building I set up my booth at the Fine Art Festival in Silverton, Oregon. The weather was amazing!

Me and my booth at the Silverton Fine Art Festival!

Inky's photograph drew many people in to look at my work. It was nice to hear the wonderful complements about my work. I didn't sell as much as I hoped, but it was a great learning experience and I know what I can do differently for the next festival. There are a few minor tweaks to my booth and products for next summer's fairs.

Mom and Dad came along with me to help support their starving artist kid (... just kidding, I'm not starving.) We took their Escape, which is much bigger than my Honda Fit. We still had trouble fitting all the stuff in the car!

Smooshed in the back seat with all my supplies!

It was really nice to have their help for my first fair. Thy are pretty cool parents. I wouldn't be where I am today without them and their support. Yay Mom and Dad!!

(I guess I wear a lot of purple.......)

My booth!

The art festival was the weekend before the eclipse. Both my parents and myself could have stayed home an watch the eclipse from our own backyards..... but we needed to go to Oregon.....

Dad bought some Mylar and we made filters for our lenses so we could safely photograph the eclipse. A real filter would have cost way too much. We made one for each of our 300 mm lenses. Dad's lens is an older one, from the days of film, so, he has an adapter for it. We made sure our lenses and with their new filters were safely packed in the car before we headed out to Oregon.

Homemade Mylar Filter

After the art fair shenanigans we were exhausted. Dad made the executive decision to watch the eclipse in Wilsonville Oregon, in the hotel parking lot, away from all the people. We were just a little bit north of seeing the total eclipse. We were ready for the eclipse! but.... I left my tripod mount at home and dad left his lens adapter there too....

Dad in his eclipse gear

We had to share my lens, thank goodness eclipses aren't quick moving! I really didn't need my tripod either, the sun was bright enough to let me hand hold my exposures.

Us rocking our protective eye wear.


The eclipse was a really neat experience. It was amazing how quickly the air cooled down when the sun was covered. I enjoyed the shadows the trees made, Nature's own pin hole camera. I have seen really amazing photographs of shadows, none of which I was clever enough to think of.....

Here is the culmination of my eclipse photography!

(Be Amazed! It is just like everyone else's photos!)

Stages of the 2017 Solar Eclipse

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