Is it possible to flip and reverse positive and negative? What happens when we do? The pandemic and fight for racial justice have brought a wide range of emotions to the surface for me. Using cyanotype prints paired with the film that produced the print I explore the emotions, thoughts, and big ideas that are affecting everyone as we live through a pandemic and cultural change.


Depression creeps in paralyzing me. The amount of bad news bombarding me makes me feel helpless and discouraged.  Around me, people are fighting to stay in their homes, fighting for justice, going hungry, and dying.

I know that I am in a place of privilege, we were still able to continue working, I am well and so is my family. I was given a wonderful opportunity to create Pandemic in Blue

There are still days I feel hopeless and want to stay in bed. 

What Do You Have to Lose?

As the death toll climbs higher and higher the answer to this question is becoming clear: Everything.

© 2020 by Jessie Swimeley