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In May 2020 I was chosen to be part of an awards program for the creation of works exploring, documenting, and/or reflecting on personal experiences of the COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on the Boise Idaho Community.

The CCC Fund raised $69,000 to fund a $1000 award for 69 artists and other creatives. The money was raised through a collaborative partnership between TreeFort Music Fest, The Morrison Center, and the Boise City Department of Arts and History.  It was funded by individual donors, the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation, the Velma V. Morrison Center for the Performing Arts, ExtraMile Arena, The Rolph Charitable Fund and others. 

Surel's Place generously gave studio residencies to eight artists. I was awarded a residency completed August 27th through September 5th. 


Is it possible to flip and reverse positive and negative? What happens when we do? The pandemic and fight for racial justice have brought a wide range of emotions to the surface for me.  I am experiencing both the positive and the negative effects of our isolation and awakening.

Working with digital and the alternative photography process of cyanotype printing to create my images for the COVID Cultural Commissioning Fund. Cyanotypes are a rich blue color and can help convey a wide variety of emotions both positive, and negative. (I also very much love creating work with the light from the sun.)

Cyanotype printing uses contact printing to create images. It is a negative to positive process meaning, when film or objects are placed on the treated surface the dark areas, where the light blocked, turn white while the highlights, that part exposed to light turn blue.

My work for the CCC Fund pairs the cyanotype print with the film used to create a single image that represents the positive and negative of the whole.

PANDEMIC IN BLUE Community Quilt

Surel's Place helped me create a Workshop-At-Home. Community members that signed up for the workshop received everything they needed to create a cyanotype print on fabric.  They were asked to create an image that reflected how they were feeling about their time in isolation, the pandemic, and the fight for social justice. 

I sent out over 50 kits to artists around the Treasure Valley. 38 artists sent their works back to me to be included in the community quilt!

I paired a reversed fabric print of each artists' original drawing with the cyanotype print they returned to create each quilt block representation of positive and negative. Artist Claire Remsberg expertly sewed the quilt together. I will be finding venues in the community to show the quilt. Please follow the link below to see each quilt block and read each artists' statement.


Alison Lantz

Allicia Keefe

Becky Breshears

Beverly Callaway

Brendan Wills

Carol Elliot Smith

Carol Leonard

Carrie Applegate

Christina Hoffman

Christine Barmes

Cindi Walton

Cindy Hartley

Dave Darraugh

Diane Rice

Erin Sweeney

Evelyn Eggabraaten

Gary McCall

Gregg Mizuta

Janice Stevenor Dale

Jennifer Hensley

Jessie Swimeley

Jill Storey

Katherine Shaughnessy

Keri Fitch

Kimberly warren

Marne Elmore

Mary Arnold

Mary Gardiner

Megan Mizuta

Molly Devinaspre

Nikki Russo

Nissa Nagel

Patrick Sweeney

Sadi Mosko

Sandra Crespo

Surges Prokop

Suzanne Knorr

Tim Fearnside

Trish Mizuta

Participating Artists

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