About Me


Having a camera in your hands for over 30 years changes your perspective. My brain is hardwired to find unexpected beauty, and amazing color everywhere I look. I guess that is my super power and I love it. I also love sharing it with people!

I first learned the art of photography from my father. We started with a darkroom in the bathroom, much to the chagrin of my mother. Then dad built us a darkroom in the garage. I spent many hours of my young life holed up in that space.

I carried my love and passion through high school and college. All the skills I learned revolved around developing and printing my own works. I was the last of a generation of photographers.  Soon after I graduated, everything went digital. 

The transition to digital photography was hard for me. I didn't embrace the new technology. I viewed it as a personal assault on beloved art. With time, energy, and a lot of photographs, I have come to enjoy the new way of photography-- I don't have to develop all that film anymore, my photos are just right there.....

Currently, I am living in Boise, Idaho. I have the pleasure of working on my photography and art full time. Most of my photographs come from my travels in the Pacific Northwest, Idaho, and Wyoming.

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